Headed South…

The earth belongs to the living, not to the dead.
-T. Jefferson


The Homestead is classic.


A handful of days ago, we rallied towards Tucson,

with destination climbing bliss a few hours north.

Located off of a 4×4 road in xyz nowhere land of high Sonoran desert which is dotted with

old abandoned ranches, homesteads and intriguing wildlife of an unreal sense.

I’ve spent some time here.

I know the details.

I put up a few routes here 6 years ago.

The time walking slowly up and slowly down the trail,

I quickly became reacquainted with the grey limestone.

Fixated on the ground, staring at the large plates of perfect limestone

that lined the trail  beautifully with sculpted fossil bearing patterns

containing the brightest, most colorful of chert.

Decorations in the form of intricate rock cactus and green,

green ocotillo and cholla

graced the trail everywhere as you walked,

and despite dodging needles, the Homestead was very welcoming.

I was able to capture a route called the Tufa King, 5.13

on the most amazing of mornings.

We were so lucky, it was beautiful!








There is no rewind button…

There has been a bit of breathing room in the recent days. Frost, first snow on the peaks, “for these times are a changing.”

I’m thankful for the security that I am feeling right now.

It has been sometime now, where I feel that I can confidently state what I need- openly.

Seems so simple, but you have to know what you want, and have the ability to communicate that.

So…on a same but different side note…

Jeff Snyder video stills on his FA of Astrid at the Paradise Forks, AZ that flowed in at 5.12- R.

Get after it- enjoy the sun on your neck.
Make this the best weekend!