Double Exposure in Utah

Such cool double exposures!

Gallery on my website should be up by the first of the year!

Silver gelatin and cyanotype prints also will be available then to.

Editions only up to seven and three APs.

Some have already been spoken for…

so please be in touch around Jan. 7th to see what is still available and to reserve yours.

They are truly awesome!

(To those who have messaged me: this one above is not currently available- sorry!)

Only in the Past…

This blog post was named after a great song that I have been listening to for some time now.

Only In the Past

I created this blog post just less than a month ago and it’s been sitting in the pending folder since then.
These are all self portraits.

The pheasant feathers were collected by a man who I respected and adored even for the short time I knew him.

He is a memory I will keep for many moons.

Enjoy these photos as I did preparing, taking and editing them for him.





There is no rewind button…

There has been a bit of breathing room in the recent days. Frost, first snow on the peaks, “for these times are a changing.”

I’m thankful for the security that I am feeling right now.

It has been sometime now, where I feel that I can confidently state what I need- openly.

Seems so simple, but you have to know what you want, and have the ability to communicate that.

So…on a same but different side note…

Jeff Snyder video stills on his FA of Astrid at the Paradise Forks, AZ that flowed in at 5.12- R.

Get after it- enjoy the sun on your neck.
Make this the best weekend!