Condor Painting Published in Ojai Quarterly!!

I have been working on an endangered bird series for some time now in my spare time (those who know me understand that I am always diving into a new projects!).

With a few remarkable drawings and paintings of these amazing creatures under my belt and a few in the “making” and I am so happy to say that my Condor has been published in Ojai Quarterly. It is previewed in an article written by adventurer Bennett Bartherlemy writing about his solo travels in the amazing Sepse River Gorge in the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California. This area is a gem- a true backcountry experience for those who are looking to escape the madness in which southern California can ensue.

Here is link to the magazine online and the picture itself is on page 144.

This is one of the largest issues I have seen from Ojai Quarterly so please dive in, as there are many rad articles to read, including Bennett’s, one about the rescue dogs and so much more!

Below is a preview of the painting (with an added red background that is not original to the art work).

Have a great Monday and enjoy all the details the day has to offer!