Matt is on the Patagonia Tumblr BLOG!

Last evening I was browsing the web, looking for new and inspirational photos to get my busy school and work week in order….

Of course I went directly to one of the most insightful companies….

one who presents images that has motivated me since I can remember, Patagonia…

If you haven’t seen their blog, now is the time :….

I was pleasantly surprised to see an image of mine of Matt on his new route:

Swayze Crack in Yosemite, N.P., CA…

Maybe take a moment and click on the links above

hit “like” on some of the images that inspire you….

Here are more images of that day….enjoy!

I would like to say…

That for me it really is small quick views that you get when you are hanging around whether it be climbing or shooting.

It can also happen just while you are standing there observing others enjoying themselves at the crag.

People including myself are genuinely stoked to be out and climbing, especially since the fall has kicked in.

I sent two of my projects this weekend, that I am stoked on.

My sights are now turned instantly to another one (two actually).

Greco is working on the Hernrie-Project up at the Peaks which seems to be coming together perfectly.

It’s a hard one and impressive to watch him climb it.