One-Line Hummingbird Painting…

My inspiration was Picasso’s one-line doodles. He did all kinds, but the one that came to mind was his dachshund…

Here are some of my quick doodles I did maybe 10+ years ago that I dug up….and I decided to paint the hummingbird…

This is an earlier picture of my new 8×10 painting….

and now it looks like this….

far from done…a few more layers and details that I need to add…but I loving the color pizazz 🙂

Wonderful Landscapes and Art Work!

Here are a few of the views I have had in the past weeks.

Below is a colored photograph…

Matt Greco on his new route, Craklin’ Rosie 5.13b out at the Bend Area, Antelope Flats- working on the intricate moves that this limestone line provided.

Please see more of my art work under : Pen, Paint & Colored Photographs on my website HERE.

Art Work

Loving my new art work adventures…and started on a few more pieces on some of my handmade paper yesterday evening…can’t wait for the next snow day to get me to sit down for a moment or two and put the time into it. This one below of my pup Prince is 12 x 12 inches, ink jet print & watercolor…with a bit of a culinary twist?!

The weather has been so nice, climbing a bunch, working on the website a bunch, scanning away on new and forgotten rolls of film…and hopefully working with a model Jinnifer this Saturday on some portraits.  Yep- that’s right- I’m stoked!!