Client Testimonials


“I have always been intimidated to have a professional photographer take my photograph, but when I met Ms. Tamara everything was prefect. She is patient, has great ideas, and also asked for my ideas and personal outcome. With a friendly environment I felt totally relaxed. She is one of the best here in Flagstaff. On the scale of one to ten, I rate her ten, she is good at what she does (portraits), very kind, a total joy to be around, and excellent to work with.”

Sammy E.
Flagstaff, AZ


“Tamara Hastie does beautiful, professional work. She has a great eye for portraits. Plus she is a ton of fun to work with!”

Bryan B.
WildEarth Guardians
Santa Fe, NM


“Tamara finds interest and beauty in places few dare to or even think to look. She can sense the essence of her subject in any moment and has a way of capturing its inherent beauty digitally and on film (the BEST!) creating fantastic works of art and pieces of history. Working with her is a great gift of fun, learning, and adventure. She will one day be widely recognized for her talent.”

Emilia A.
Flagstaff, AZ


“Love ya!! Thanks for all the great work we all had a great time with you…”

Leyton C.
Wild Spirt Wolf Sanctuary
Ramah, NM

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