Hobo Jungle Project

35mm film conversion of my Diana Plastic Toy Camera….I was happy to capture Matt pulling through the lower of two cruxes en route…

Hobo Jungle is a newer climbing area east of town hosting a variety of routes…

including the one above which is an open project that one of the areas developers bolted.

Here is the information if you wish to get up there and see what happening and to get an afternoon of cragging in…

Mountain Project: Hobo Jungle




see the bright new rope 🙂

we needed a new lead rope soooo bad (green machine took the dive and our fixed ropes that were stolen put us back a bit too…)

so this Sterling Rope Ion2 is so ROCKIN’ ROLL and a delightful replacement of our last one!

Not only is it the lightest rope for the length, but really it coils beautifully fits nice and snug in my backpack…

it really is an amazing rope, it ties, belays and runs through gear beautifully.


bottom line: DURABILITY


our last one took a beating- for a long time….

so it’s worth the investment I assure you 🙂











Negatives love Bleach…

A quick example here…with TuesdĂ© smiling away 🙂 through the amazing crystals that form naturally on the negative as it dries.

Now this is a negative of the instant film positive….

but without the “film” or snot I like to call it…which covers the whole negative (this is what forms the crystals)…

A careful process to remove it is achieved by using bleach- yep that right!

Using a bit of post processing- and here it is!

Click HERE  to sift through the instant film portfolio and take a a look at the one that cleaned up beautifully…


Inspired by the wind…

Before the weather rolled in- we had a day of battling with the wind gods.

I was inspired by it…yep the brutal wind.

Who would have guessed?!

Thinking about the animals that must take cover during these winds and where the best spot to duck and take cover during these whipping winds got me thinking a bit. As I was walking through the junipers, and all I could hear was my own breath and the wind rolling its way to me across the plains and then all of a sudden a quick covey of quail came and went underground with a blink of an eye. Yes, underground would be one of the best spots to hide from the weather we were experiencing.

Below are the quails running for cover and bit of art work that came about during these snow days thinking about wind, climbing and how it all goes hand in hand…

to see my completed colored photograph of the quail please see my website under pen, paint & colored photographs!


Where is the water for Twin Arrows Casino?

This is something everyone in flagstaff and the country we live in needs to desperately consider…fresh water!

How is this happening? I’m feeling an itch to investigate a bit…it seems, well wrong.

Please read this… I think we all need to be aware what is happening in our backyard.