One-Line Hummingbird Painting…

My inspiration was Picasso’s one-line doodles. He did all kinds, but the one that came to mind was his dachshund…

Here are some of my quick doodles I did maybe 10+ years ago that I dug up….and I decided to paint the hummingbird…

This is an earlier picture of my new 8×10 painting….

and now it looks like this….

far from done…a few more layers and details that I need to add…but I loving the color pizazz 🙂


Another fabulous weekend camping and bumbling…couldn’t ask for better company, weather and climbing/camping arrangements!

We hiked yesterday and camped last night and will do the same into tomorrow.

The rappel and descent is done and cleaned for the most part, most of the gear is down by the creek, backpacks are packed ready to head down- but now for morning coffee!

Amazing that I can update my blog from camp!

Breakfast: cherries, coffee, yummy oatmeal, sun and a perfectly cool breeze…

Protector of the gear- Prince!

Have a fantastic day off…and enjoy the long weekend.

– sent via the “awesome wall”

Officially Snowed In…

The storm has hit…with more to come!


After an excruciatingly windy day in Winslow- the wind was ferocious which made concentrating on climbing a bit hard for me. With those gusts, I may be a wimp, but the idea of some random rock fall kept me on my toes. This place moves.

Bottom line the wind took it out of all of us, dogs and humans alike, it was relentless.  All in all, Matt and I with being sick we were stoked on the inspiration of good buddies and motivated and got our butts out there before the storm came and did some new routing.

Matt and and I threw a rope on a new pitch to the right of JJ’s and Wade’s new route Epiphany?! (I think that’s what it’s named?!) and it is spectacular. Their route is amazing and both are surprisingly steep…had both Matt and I dreaming of getting out there again as soon as it is possible…and dreaming of more. Hopefully we can spend a few good days out there before we head out to Palm Springs- that would be rad!