Carrots Served Up a Few Different Ways…

Platinum and Pladium Print I created at the wonderful Hidden Light here in Flagstaff! 🙂

Instant Film photograph I used to test the exposure for the negative/print I made above….

Below are two scans of the left over negative from the instant film test shot (above) which I then soaked in bleach…the first one is scanned in as positive film, the second as a B&W negative….

and of course the good ol’ digital 🙂 below…

Negatives love Bleach…

A quick example here…with Tuesdé smiling away 🙂 through the amazing crystals that form naturally on the negative as it dries.

Now this is a negative of the instant film positive….

but without the “film” or snot I like to call it…which covers the whole negative (this is what forms the crystals)…

A careful process to remove it is achieved by using bleach- yep that right!

Using a bit of post processing- and here it is!

Click HERE  to sift through the instant film portfolio and take a a look at the one that cleaned up beautifully…

Family: Today’s Project

Today is a windy, dusty day here in Flagstaff. A day to be indoors and not out and about climbing, hiking, or even running errands- it’s nasty out there. This prompted me to dive in and sort through some of my put off projects to make room for more. As I filtered through photograph piles I decided to scan some of my instant film photographs of Matt’s family in Southern Texas that I took over Thanksgiving. Remembering the conditions in which I took these pictures, I am always stoked on how well they turned out. In Southern Texas, along the Gulf Coast, those of us who have been there or spent any amount of time in the area, we know about the humidity and the pitter-patter of intermittent rain and down pours. While I was taking these pictures – lets say the weather was totally predictable. The best light for the film was on the porch, outside, lucky it was partially covered, but I was half-in and half-out of the rain…the cuties in the pictures stayed dry and cheerful despite how long it take me to focus and take one picture!  Oh yeah the camera stayed nice and dry too!

To see an wonderful instant film portrait of Jacob and Zachary, please follow this link:

Jacob & Zachary

Hope you are all having a great day- out of those winds! 🙂