Printing at Hidden Light…

A quick look at some of the platinum/palladium print developing that happens at a local downtown Flagstaff business, Hidden Light, they are at 427 S. San Francisco Street….

A place of creativeness, where the traditional technique of printing negatives and where archiving pictures take place in our very temporary world.

Magic happens here EVERYDAY!

Go and visit them….they love to have visitors who come to see their studio and see first hand their passions of photographic and framing magic!

Proofs are looked at to see what can be improved on before the one of the final edition prints

Developer is prepared

The developer poured on and the magic begins

Master Printer Corey makes sure it is evenly distributed

Pointing out what he sees as a very successful exposure

One of the final rinses

Dropping into the final rinsing- fresh water!

Checking to make sure all is well in the final rinse before Corey pulls it out to dry!

And that about makes the most amazing print known to man or woman!

Go check it out for yourself- it is truly wonderful, done by wonderful, passionate people!

2 thoughts on “Printing at Hidden Light…

    • David- thanks! They are some amazing people over there at Hidden light…if you are a local Flagstaff dweller…go there…today 🙂 they love visitors!!

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