Awesome Wall- The Start of it All….

Sometimes it takes an afternoon to go swimming, boulder and enjoy the sounds of the wilderness before any plans or tactics are made. Staring at the wall and walking along the canyon rim wondering how are we going to get up this cliff and hang the static rope down this “Awesome Wall” using as little amount of energy and the least amount of work…

Splish, splashing last weekend enjoying the solitude and the path reveled itself to us amazingly in the hot desert sun. Along the north west side of the canyon a traversing 4th class path through the wall of cactus brought us to the top- with out a hitch.  Matt continued to the top and hiked over to the top of the cliff with our handy dandy (and heavy) 300ft. static line…

Seeing him up there that afternoon the cliff seemed much bigger reminding me how much fun this will be when all the work of finishing this pitch up is all said and done….

After Matt hauled up the gear and placing anchors…the rope dropped down to ground, discovering that out pitch is exactly 150 feet, about 10 degrees overhanging with fantastic rock and really not that much cleaning (surprisingly!). We both think that it may flow in at a 5.12 rating….and we are already scoping the next lines…on both sides of the canyon…

Above is the first pitch…you can see Matt lurking in the shadows out left…gives a bit of a scale to the cliff size…and the whole route is not pictured…

Below is the next one on my list of projects to bolt…the arete carried a striking line that caught my attention since the first day rolled up on to this crag…there is a side view and a head-on view of it- it’s steep and long, probably about 100 feet or so….

This crag of love is a whole lot less “chalky” and crumbly than the Oasis rock….I was relieved of that…and there is bouldering and plenty of walls to scope on both sides of the canyon…and the possibility for crack climbs is huge too…

I love the diversity…

These lines are easily 150 foot +/- ….these dihedrals (plural) are amazing….

And plenty of 70′-80′ pitches on the other side….and sandy bottomed cave to get solid shade in the heat of day….

and plenty of flowing water to keep you cooled and dusted off! YES!

The descent and ascent to the rim from the canyon is finished sans a single bolt (or fixed nut?) for a directional that I might put in this next weekend. Other than that, there is a trail, it’s cleaned, easy to find and a cinch for you or your small hound….just rap straight down the “gully” and go from ledge to ledge….

a few tools and great rock adds up to many weekends of work and fun…

Matt and I are sooo looking forward to our next trip out there this Friday night….hopefully we can rally and get that pitch cleaned, both of us send and get started on a few more….now wouldn’t that be ideal 🙂

Until then rock it out…don’t let a day go by without being psyched of what can be and what is…

remember: it’s all possible

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