Abrazo de Oso FA, The Peaks Crag, AZ

Here are a few photos from Danny Mauz working on one of few undone projects left at the Peaks Crag just outside of Flagstaff last week.

This past Thursday just before he headed out to Colorado for summer work….Danny worked it out, smoothly put together and sent this 2 year +  project… Abrazo de Oso (the Bear Hug).

Congrats to Danny for the send- it was sure great to see you crush this project- way to get after it!

Looking up at the route from the ground….

Shoeing up with the La Sportiva Katanas….

and the bear hugging and heel hooking has begun….

and the crux dead point at the top of the feature!

Nice work on the send Danny- far cry from the escapade we had in Red Rocks 10+ years ago!!

Here is a clipping sequence that I plugged together that looked rather cool….looks steep or what!?

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