Positive/ Negative Reflection

An “adventure” grant that is currently being offered really has me spinning around ideas…

It’s due in well…two or three days, two days is what I am giving myself to get it completed.

Right down to the line. I usually don’t work this way and not one to make excuses, but I did just find out about it yesterday doing a bit of research…

There is a lot of content to be included in the submission, so today may be dedicated to a research and writing day.

I think that what really has me motivated is the idea behind my adventure- to create and bring water conservation awareness to the forefront right here in good ol’  US of A…

Bring grassroots adventuring to the mainland so we can learn more about ourselves and the communities in which we live.

We need to build and overall understanding of what we need to do individually and nationally to maintain a healthy and conscious awareness,

to create  forward momentum to new understanding that fresh water is the key to a flourishing and successful future.

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