Tent Camping with the Hound

A few portraits of our dog friend, Prince…

his spots are really showing with the amount of sun he has been getting down in the canyons….


Keeping an eye out for the early morning greeters, i.e. Barley and Roggen

Still a bit sleepy- he is not a morning dog whatsoever,  just like Matt…

always wondered what his chin looked like from a beetles perspective 🙂


He’s winking at you….


With all the climbing and traveling I have been on (definitely not in front of my computer indoors!) – I have been a bit lax on some mega editing time- but here are few of the stellar shots I got while climbing and shooting at the new area the Oasis during the SuperMoon weekend.

I have never been into long exposures- but it seems that more and more of my ideas revolves around that technique…

This is my real first attempt at it and I am quite pleased with the results!!

The camp picture below is right above the entrance of the canyon…tucked away from the wind provides an incredible place to sit, stare at the fire, dream and wish on all the shooting stars…

Below is Matt flying the kite in the warm glow if the SuperMoon….

and some water gun action….

all under the glorious SuperMoon glow….

KingSnake 5.9

A pal and fellow photographer Bennett Barthelemey is pictured here on the all time Northern Arizona- KingSnake. It is located in East Clear Creek just a few miles outside of Winslow, Arizona in a unique slot canyon with water, sport routes and splitters!

Here is a link to the area on the classic Mountain Project…get down there and climb- it is truly one of the best sandstone climbing areas in the state…I’m heading there Tuesday or Thursday to work on routes I left behind 6+ years ago!!

and BB it is always fun to see you 🙂 come back soon Prince already misses you!