Pictures from the Bend…

Matt climbing on Crackin’ Rosie 5.13…. High step baby!

and after his burns on the route he decided that throwing and hitting me with his hat was a good pastime…

Here is Whirlwind 5.12….looking down the pumpy route.

With a looong deadpoint to a gaston that kept me on hold for a few tries…but after committing to an intermediate micro crimper- it went first try-rad!

It’s funny….if you just think about a handhold differently (not holding on to it differently!), it can change the way you climb on that hold.

Climbing is fascinating.

Thank you Jeremy for taking pictures of me on your amazing route…It was a blast to send 🙂

Cleaning supplies….

And our friend the common female collared lizard posing delicately in the hot sun…

can you believe these liz’s can sprint up to 15mph!? WTF?

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