Cherry this Morning…

A fun morning had its way at Cherry today.

Bouldering, I have said it a few times- I love it.

Currently I am battling a left knee injury and right ankle injury, one that keeps plaguing me since I fell on an obscure 5.11 dihedral finger crack (did I say dirty!!!) in the valley well over four months ago….

So taking falls on the uneven ground is really not the best option…so low to the ground and traverses are on my list…even then it seems that I should keep my focus on roping up instead, it seems to be helping me stay pain free and stoked push, push and push! It’s probably smarter for me to clean off new problems for the future and to take pictures…so that’s what I did…


Matt, JJ, the hounds and I took a day trip out to the Antelope Flats, weather was perfect…with little to no wind.

We all worked on our goals and projects- JJ on the bronze project up the middle of the wall (so rad!) and Matt worked on our bouldery eight bolt project which he is close to sending…

I also made it to my goal of climbing and clipping the third bolt…yep- the third bolt! I may seem not too be to far up there…but the moves in between those three bolts adds up to a stiff, reachy, powerful V6….it was hard! Now to work on the next two bolts…another V6 problem…and then the final three more bolts that sports a chill 5.12b headwall… that’s this weeks mission!

Below are some of the pictures from this morning…

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