New Routes at the “BEND”

This weekend was a very productive climbing weekend…

Matt and I with Prince in lap shipped off from Flagstaff early Saturday morning for a weekend long camping trip in the great wide open to climb and develop more routes in the beautiful Northern Arizona high desert.

We met up with our pals, Jeremy, Wade and his gal Emilia…lets’ not forget the two schnauzers Barley and Roggen.

We are stoked to be climbing on such world class limestone, this is a “newer” area we have been developing with JJ and Wade  just down canyon from the Antelope Flats.  I’m coining the name of the area the “BEND”…since it is around the bend from the main walls that Matt and I developed down canyon.

We headed for trail and down towards the cliff and immediately as we approached the creek we had noticed the water level rose a good two feet plus since we had last been there. Made sense really since we had 30” + of snow that week in Flagstaff and the temps sky rocketed to over 55F a few days later….the regular approach of boulder hopping across was out of the question for all the boulders and large rocks were completely submerged.

Matt, the go anytime anywhere swimmer of the bunch decided he was going to set the rope up to tyrolean across the swollen river…he made quick work to rig the rope (handy dandy link cams!!) on his end and we did the same on ours…now it was time to get ourselves and our gear across and then the dogs…below is Matt with little Prince perched on his stomach for probably one of the coolest rides Prince has ever taken!

The weather was ideal- little to no wind…well at least for the first day and night…and the temps were just perfect for climbing in the shade or sun!

Okay…we had to hide a bit from the sun…but it sure was beautiful!!

Matt and I established one of the easiest pitches yet in the canyon (this limestone lends to harder climbing), 5.9, 7 bolts up a small corner to a face with some cracks going through it…we called it Emilia’s Landing.

Pictured below is JJ looking up at Matt bolting Emilia’s Landing…

JJ and Wade also did a 5.10 (not sure what the called it) on a separate wall down and left…below is Wade belaying in the last of the evening light in the canyon…

and JJ sending it the next morning!!!Sweet!

We also finished bolting our project and gave it a good run, we did all the moves and are looking to get fired up for this next weekend to hopefully link some!! It’s going to be hard, technical and mega endurance….can’t wait…it is sooooo good!

Here is the parting shot: JJ on his send attempt on his route Epiphany. So stellar!

Thank you for the love and inspiration all of you guys….Matt, JJ and Wade- your stoke on life and climbing makes it possible 🙂

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