Hueco Tanks

Okay, I am still sorting through some older files that I have neglected to go through…so here are a few pictures from Hueco tanks this past year. 🙂 I was so thrilled to get back on my most favorite problem at the tanks- and anyone who knows me- knows that I love my roof cracks…the Morgue being one of my all time favorites!! A must do classic that no one wants to get on! We did some other problems there for our 5 hour quick trip of North Mountain. I love this place: blue skies, great rock to climb on, great history, and amazing people that you meet there- what a blast!

Here are some links for more information if you have never been- it’s really one of the best places on earth to climb, even though it is just out side El Paso, which on its own is a very cultural place to visit 🙂

Hueco Tanks State Park

Mountain Project: Hueco Tanks

The Morgue! Classic!

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